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Teaneck, New Jersey
How can I support Fair Trade Teaneck?
This site is maintained by the Teaneck Fair Trade Steering Committee, a group of residents, business owners, and community organizations interested in growing Teaneck, NJ, as a Fair Trade Town.
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The 21st Fair Trade Town in United States
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Help transform our great town into a community exemplifying a collective social conscience. We encourage you to support us by contributing to the creation of our documentary, "The Power of Dreaming Small," which was previewed at the 2013 Teaneck International Film Festival.

Below are additional ways you can contribute:

  • "Supporter" Contribute to Fair Trade Teaneck in support of its ongoing efforts to organize Teaneck and inspire its citizens. Suggested contribution: $100
  • "Media" Public relations expenses: Help support our campaign to educate the community about the Fair Trade movement. Suggested contribution: $75
  • "Guru" Visiting motivational speakers: Help support our efforts to organize inspiring public events. Suggested contribution: $50
  • "Worker" Fair Trade US Cooperative Tour: Help subsidize a member of Fair Trade Teaneck to join the tour to the global South and report back to the community. Suggested contribution: $25
  • "Teacher" Fair Trade Teaneck High School: Help us help our high school become the second Fair Trade public high school in the U.S. Suggested contribution: $25
  • "Leader" Join the Fair Trade Teaneck Steering Committee and its dedicated, spirited members. Help us to generate new ideas and projects. If you are interested in receiving meeting notices, email info@fairtradeteaneck.org. Membership is voluntary; suggested contribution: as you prefer.
To make a contribution:

Checks may be made payable to "Teaneck Chamber of Commerce," with "Fair Trade Teaneck" on the memo line, and mailed to:
Teaneck Chamber of Commerce
802 Cedar Lane
Teaneck, NJ 07666
We thank you for your support of our work on behalf of all Teaneck residents and especially on behalf of the marginalized and vulnerable men, women, and children laboring in the global South who deserve a chance for economic justice and human dignity.
Fair Trade Teaneck t-shirts are available for purchase in a variety of sizes for $15 each.
To order a shirt, please email dennisk@fairtradeteaneck.org.