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Fair Trade and Greater Justice for all in the New Global Economy
A Fact Sheet on the Fair Trade Teaneck Campaign

Consumers can leverage fairer prices and just labor conditions for poor workers in developing countries and defeat the sources of the present human rights crisis –

Hundreds of thousands of children are victims of trafficking and forced labor;
Impoverishment is notably the result of exploitation by local middlemen;
Predatory farming methods are destroying indigenous environments;
Hazardous labor conditions expose workers to toxic chemicals, compel them to
accept low pay, and prevent them from asserting their rights.

Market-Driven Human Rights

Consumers who purchase Fair-Trade certified products that are harvested in developing countries, such as coffee, sugar, wine, and flowers, can dramatically increase Fair Trade cooperatives’ share of world exports—$70 billion generated for each percentage point of the world market share.

A Different Global Economy

Cooperatives that comply with labor standards are eligible for Fair Trade certification.

Fair Trade-certified cooperatives trade directly with importers, reducing both their dependence on powerful middlemen and the price for their products.

Fair Trade cooperatives receive pre-harvest credit, technical training, modernized processing facilities, advice on gaining access to worldwide markets, and support for negotiating fair prices so that they can successfully compete for market share.

Social Change Starts at Home

Just by purchasing Fair-Trade certified products consumers can tip the balance of market share that will favor just labor practices, fair prices, and sustainable farming methods. Look for Fair-Trade-Certified labels on products and decals identifying Fair Trade businesses.

This site is maintained by the Teaneck Fair Trade Steering Committee, a group of residents, business owners, and community organizations interested in growing Teaneck, NJ, as a Fair Trade Town.
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